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Wireless Internet Order Form

Sorry the software for the formis not working at this time. So we ask you to call 970-627-0034.

At that time we will need the following information:

Your name
the full physical address where the install will take place
Best Telephone numbers to reach you
Email Address

If there is no one in the office, the please leave the infomation on the answering machine. We will look up your address to insure yoiu are in view of one of our wireless towers before we call you back.We will always call back!

You will be asking Grand County Internet Services to install High Speed Wireless Internet equipment at the location specified. If the installer determines that it will not work, there will be no charge. If however, it is detemined that it can be installed, and you decide not to install at the time he is there, you will pay a $60 service call fee. We usually are fairly confident an install can be made before we schedule an install.

At time of install you should be prepared to pay the install charge of $200 plus the first and last months fee. After install we will prorate to the first of the month tro the nearest 1/2 month. At this time we only accept checks or cash at install.

A full explanation of our terms and conditions are spelled out on the following page.

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