Typical equipment might look like this:

The unit on the left is the standard outdoor antenna and is about 1 foot square. This is the antenna that points towards the broadcast antennas. It is shown with the typical mounting bracket we use. The unit on the right is the indoor radio. You can see it size in comparison to a BIC pen.

From the indoor unit we connect to a firewall router which then connects to your computer equipment. Two of these are shown above. The one on the left is a wireless router which can connect to other wireless computers in your house. The one on the left is a non wireless router. Both routers also have 4 ethernet ports on the back to connect directly to nearby computers or to an in-house wired ethernet network

Are there different antennas? Sometimes it is necessary to use a different antenna to reach the broadcast point. Shown below are some of those.

The closer you are to one of our sites, the smaller the antenna you could use. In some cases they can even be mounted in windows or inside the walls of the house..

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