Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wireless Broadband? Wireless Broadband is a dedicated high-speed internet connection that is sent through the air. It operates in the 2.4GHz radio band and can be up to 50 times faster than dialup. Recently we have also installed radios in the 900MHz range which can cut through trees better and in the 5.8GHz range that can support several hundred radios and offer speeds all the way up to 24Mbps!

Is this the same as Cable? Like DSL and Cable this is a dedicated high-speed connection. Unlike DSL and Cable, the bandwidth you are given is not shared with as many people. With cable access, total bandwidth is shared in your area. If someone next door to you is playing games or downloading music, your connection may suffers. In addition, cable is not a business class solution and where offered is expensive .

Is wireless just like DSL? No, wireless doesn't have the distance limitations that DSL does. DSL is only available within 3 miles of the local phone switch. Our wireless can go up to 12 miles. It also doesn't require any wires at all.

So is it like satellite? No, current satellite technologies are more expensive. All satellite access has poor continuous data throughput times due to the distance data must be sent. This makes it a poor solution for many high speed internet applications such as games, multimedia, video conferencing, VPN, and file transfers. Most satellite systems are aimed at single computer usage. Now multi user plans are available. Biggest drawback of Satellite systems is that the uplink (data your transfer out) is very slow and continues to get worse as the satellites are over-subscribed. Satellite connections are also affected by weather conditions where wireless is not. Satellite has an advantage in that is is available almost everywhere.

So what is the downside to wireless? The biggest limitation of wireless is that it requires line of sight to one of our broadcast antennas. This means it is not available for everyone. Especially if you are in the woods. Trees may affect signal strength if they are in the path of the radios. Therefore, usually, we must do a preliminary site analysis to determine the requirements of your location. We will check with Topology maps to make sure that there should be a line of sight available. However, if there is a forest in the way, you will probably not get a good connection.

What will I need to get wireless access? Will I have to buy anything else? For single computer installs a user will only need an ethernet card. If you don't have an ethernet card, we can install one for you. The cost of a good cards is about $30 but almost all new computers come with them. If you would like to connect multiple computers to the internet you will need an ethernet card in each or use a wireless in house router to connect them.

Can I install the wireless equipment myself? A qualified installer with special training must install the equipment. the equipment must be uninstalled by us, if you decide to discontinue service. Equipment includes an antenna, wiring, radio, Firewall router and any mounting brackets that may be required. There is a non-refundable $200 install fee for this equipment under the User Agreement. The wireless equipment belongs to us and must be returned in full working condition.

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